Improve Public Ways

Making our public ways more accessible and safer for all residents will be a priority of mine. When elected Mayor I will implement a sidewalk improvement program that has been long overdue.  ADA compliance will be a primary focus of this new program.  We will leverage the current Chapter 90 funding along with Safe Routes and Complete Streets funding sources to offset costs to the Town’s General Fund. 

Additionally, making our roads safer will require us to address the traffic issues that plague Braintree as a major cut-through for surrounding towns.  The same state programs mentioned could play a part in the funding and design changes needed to play a role in my goal to effectively address this problem.  Developing solutions to address regional traffic issues that impact Braintree is absolutely critical.  As Mayor, I would promote a new collaborative approach to working with our existing and new businesses, our Town government and State government to partner together to implement a last mile shuttle service from our public transportation centers to the multiple commerce and business parks scattered around our Town.  This would help attract the types of soft impact business such as the Life Science and BioMed companies looking for production centers and business back office support operations, while decreasing or minimizing the need for automobile commuters driving to and around our town streets. 

We know we suffer greatly from the cut through traffic that plagues many of our surrounding communities that have been impacted in this not so positive way due to the economic boom of Boston.  However, through citizen, business and municipal government partnership I feel confident that we can find solutions to lessen the traffic impacts.