Braintree needs our next Mayor to be capable to lead our great community to a place of financial stability and to maintain the quality of life that is the envy across the Commonwealth. Braintree needs to have in our next Mayor a collaborator who will listen to and respect all points of view from our citizens and those who care as deeply as all of you and I do about the present challenges we face and the challenges we will surely face tomorrow.

Over the past 12 years under the Town’s new form of government, the administration has built a strong and stable financial foundation. Sustaining this foundation is essential to maintaining the economic stability that is now in place. It is critical that Braintree’s next mayor has the requisite leadership skills, proven accomplishments and the vision to carry Braintree forward.

While campaigning throughout the Town of Braintree the subject of infrastructure needs continues to be one of the main topics that concern many of our residents. More specifically, the concerns is how will we find the ability to fund these needs without overburdening our tax payers.

Making our public ways more accessible and safer for all residents will be a priority of mine. When elected Mayor I will implement a sidewalk improvement program that has been long overdue. ADA compliance will be a primary focus of this new program. We will leverage the current Chapter 90 funding along with Safe Routes and Complete Streets funding sources to offset costs to the Town’s General Fund.

It is well known that the Town’s zoning ordinances are outdated and need to be updated sooner rather than later. We need to provide the best tools for our municipal leaders and planners to best serve our community. These tools should be an updated Master Plan and an updated set of Zoning By-laws.