Planning for our future

It is well known that the Town’s zoning ordinances are outdated and need to be updated sooner rather than later. We need to provide the best tools for our municipal leaders and planners to best serve our community. These tools should be an updated Master Plan and an updated set of Zoning By-laws. 

We need to recognize the importance of having the right balance of a commercial tax base needed to sustain a lower residential tax-rate — while providing the municipal services we deserve. This mix has served our community well for decades and is a course that could continue to serve Braintree well. The key ingredient to this successful formula is to encourage an open and collaborative process between municipal officials, residents and local businesses - where all stakeholders are heard.

My commitment would be to prioritize an update to Braintree’s 1998 Master Plan within the first year of being elected. The Master Plan is a blueprint of zoning and capital improvements, it sets priorities for developing and maintaining infrastructure and public facilities. I will collaborate closely with residents, neighborhood groups, and business groups to assess, formulate and implement an updated comprehensive Master Plan. I would also commit to implementing new Zoning By-laws that reflect the findings of the updated Master Plan and will protect our community from any legal issues that may come from our currently antiquated Zoning By-laws.