Former Mayoral Candidate Lisa Fiske Heger Endorses Tom Reynolds for Braintree Mayor

Former mayoral candidate and current school committee chair Lisa Fiske Heger has endorsed Tom Reynolds for the open mayoral seat in the upcoming municipal election.

“Tom is solutions-oriented, goal-driven, and has a wealth of municipal and managerial experience - all of which appeals to me as a businesswoman and project manager,” said Fiske Heger. “Beyond these qualifications, on a personal level, I think that Tom is authentic, accountable, and willing to listen. With Tom Reynolds leading the team, we can move Braintree forward.”

School funding, a much-needed update to the Master Plan, concerns about traffic, and finding new forms of economic development are pressing issues facing Braintree that Reynolds is well-suited to address, she said.

Fiske Heger said she had carefully reviewed the candidacies before weighing in. “Since the mayoral primary, I’ve been asked by friends and neighbors who I intend to support in the general election or if I will run a write-in campaign. Of particular importance to me as Chair of the School Committee is the future and direction of our schools. After these conversations and plenty of consideration, Tom Reynolds has earned my vote.”

Reynolds said he was particularly honored to receive Fiske Heger’s endorsement. “She has worked hard for our schools and the community to ensure that the right issues are prioritized and addressed,” he said. He added, “I will dedicate myself to finding real solutions and funding for every aspect of our great community here in Braintree.”

Election Day for the Mayoral race is Tuesday, November 5th.

Tom Reynolds