Braintree needs our next Mayor to be capable to lead our great community to a place of financial stability and to maintain the quality of life that is the envy across the Commonwealth.  Braintree needs to have in our next Mayor a collaborator who will listen to and respect all points of view from our citizens and those who care as deeply as all of you and I do about the present challenges we face and the challenges we will surely face tomorrow.  

Braintree’s next Mayor needs to be a person who says what they mean and means what they say. A Mayor who has demonstrated a straightforward and deliberate vision for what we want Braintree to be. Someone who has the proven experience of accomplishment and a clear track record of consistently showing up when the hard decisions, and sometimes not always the most popular decisions, need to be made for the greater good of Braintree. That person is Tom Reynolds.

Most of my life I’ve been a collaborator.  Both in the private sector and in the municipal sector.  I’m proud of what I accomplished for those I’ve served, and even more proud of the way I’ve been able to accomplish these past achievements.  Always with transparency, accountability and results that have benefited the greater good, while at the same time ensuring that every priority and every dollar spent has been thoroughly thought through and able to gain the maximum benefit for the community.

I’ve built three water treatment plants in my capacity as DPW Director and have built a power plant for the Braintree Electric Light department which has resulted in the capacity for our town to consistently provide unequaled availability of municipal power production at the cheapest electric rates you will find anywhere in Massachusetts and beyond.  I have built seawalls in the Town of Marshfield that have served to protect the people and precious assets of that community.  I built trust with those who I served, time after time.

My name has been on these contracts and plans that accomplished these critical projects.  I’ve always been accountable to every stakeholder and tax payer for the part I played in using their tax dollars to achieve maximum return and value to our taxpayers.

I have taken organizations that were in poor shape and had become ineffective and turned them around to become highly efficient operations and reliable in their charge to provide high level services to the taxpayers of multiple communities, to include our Town of Braintree. All of these accomplishments have always been pursued with the goal of accomplishing what is best for the community.  I have consistently taken a collaborative approach and have solicited opinions from subject matter experts and those most affected by the projects I managed or policies I championed as a Selectman, Light Board Commissioner, a Park Commissioner, an Operations Manager and a DPW Director.  I’m a consensus builder. A person who stands behind the decisions I’ve made.

I believe these are the traits and attributes Braintree’s next Mayor must have.