Financial Know-How

Over the past 12 years under the Town’s new form of government, the administration has built a strong and stable financial foundation. Sustaining this foundation is essential to maintaining the economic stability that is now in place. It is critical that Braintree’s next mayor has the requisite leadership skills, proven accomplishments and the vision to carry Braintree forward.

The state of Braintree’s infrastructure needs to be a primary topic of concern. We must prioritize our long overdue infrastructure upgrades and prioritize our ability to fund these upgrades without adversely affecting our current tax rate, which continues to be one of the lowest on the South Shore.

Braintree’s next Mayor will be faced with numerous challenges that must be addressed adequately if we as a community are to maintain a solid financial footing. Likewise, the Town’s leadership must clearly comprehend the multiple facets that make up Braintree’s financial strength and management controls. Understanding the relationship of how our ability to maintain reserve funds has direct impact on our bond rating, which in turn, directly impacts the interests rates which impacts our debt service liability and available cash to apply towards essential services, operating and overhead costs. In other words, the cost of doing business for our citizens.   

The next administration's ability to identify new sources of revenues will be key to how much of our infrastructure and services needs can be addressed and how Braintree can fund these needs affordably. 

Some ideas that will be vetted over this campaign are:

  • Traffic Mitigation funds to be paid for by developers

  • Partner with existing businesses to augment municipal services for residents and schools (i.e. Shuttle transportation program, facilities rentals/discounts, educational co-op opportunities)

  • Leverage state regional transportation programs to defray costs to town

  • Parking Enforcement program and expansion of public parking in our Squares to generate additional traffic, sidewalk and street improvements

  • Maximize Chapter 90 funding by prioritizing a town wide road acceptance program

  • Identify underutilized municipal assets that can be leased or sold